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Luggage hardware processing How to do electroplating?

With people's pursuit of the quality of life more and more high, now luggage and other items of the texture requirements are increasingly high, especially for the metal parts of the texture, but also stern, then metal plating pretreatment is what kind of process? Now let's take a look.

1. before processing to do a good job, the more clean matrix processing, matrix metal atoms can be fully exposed to the subsequent coating can be very good adhesion to the key.

2. the plating should pay attention to the coating metal and matrix metal matching.

3. the different coating overlay should pay attention to the matching between the different coating, the former coating should be clean, if necessary, to carry out weak corrosion, to eliminate the upper layer of oxide film.

4. if the High-temperature baking process to consider the product and the stress between the coating, such as zinc or aluminum alloy electroplating can not be enough to bake too high temperature.

5. It is also necessary to pay attention to the rationality of baking temperature in the process of sealing paint.

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