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Multifunction New Lamzac Portable Air Inflatable Hangout Sofa Bag

Warm weather is coming and that means we will spend plenty of time enjoying holidays outdoors. you'll need to sit and lie on during these times. The inflatable bag can meet your needs perfectly.

Product details

Size Info
•  Weight capacity: 400lbs.
•  Product inflated dimensions: 83"x39"x32"
•  Deflated dimensions: 12"x3"x"3"

Details & Care

•  Warm weather is coming and that means we will spend plenty of time enjoying our holidays outdoors. Whether you're doing camping, lounging around the beach, or simply hanging out at music festivals, you'll need something to sit and lie on during these times.
•  The inflatable sleeping bag can meet your needs perfectly. It's portable and ultra-light, you can carry it anywhere and anytime. No need inflator pump, it can be inflated against wind less than 10 seconds, practical to use. It's not hard to inflate. There are lots of how-to videos available on the Internet tells how to fill the bag and seal it shut.
•  On the sides, you'll see there are three different pockets.The first is the perfect size for a can of soda, a water bottle, or a beer. The next section is large enough for your tablet, an e-reader, or a magazine. The other side has a pocket that fits your smartphone.
•  Once you're ready to enjoy, you can place it on sand, grass, gravel, or even in the pool. It will stay inflated for a few hours before you'll need to top it off with a little more air.
•  When you're done lounging,it is very quick and easy to take down. Open the buckle, let the air escape, fold it up, and store it in the included nylon carrying bag. It's so light it shouldn't cause you any back pain. If it gets a little dirty, it's safe to wipe it down with a soft cloth and mild soap and water. Just let it dry well before putting it away.
•  Inflatable Bag.
•  Item #66539.


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